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What is BiSens Market and how can it help your business thrive?

It is the marketplace where you buy and sell leads.


We grow businesses around the globe and yours can be next.

BiSens Market is built for salespeople, empowering them to buy business opportunities and exchange them for revenue.

Search targeted sales from a variety of industries around the globe and choose your opportunities based on your particular demands.

Join BiSens Market today and acquire new customers.

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No restrictions in buying or reserving a lead

Target exactly the leads you are interested in

Full control over your budget at any time

Ask for an exclusive campaign on your target

Monitor performance of your exclusive campaigns

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Here’s how it works:

Create and personalize
your account
Select your
preferred leads
Add the leads
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Pay instantly and
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Get your pre-qualified
sales leads

You can apply lead filters to quickly find the leads you are looking for.
You can filter leads by:

Shared leads
from 10 euro per lead

Exclusive leads
from 20 euro per lead

Demand leads
from 30 euro per lead

Save time and apply filters to quickly find the leads you are looking for.
Filter your preferred sales opportunities by:


Postal code




Dive in

You can simply demand a personalized campaign and collect your exclusive business prospects.

All you have to do is fill in a short form,
choose your favorite design from our creative library and submit your request.

A sales opportunity comes with complete sales data and it is ready to purchased.

The smart solution for maximum benefits

Choose your
favorite lead

Place the highest

Check your mail for
the lead's details

Your dashboard is your lead command center. It guides you along your entire lead activity.

Manage here all your leads, see what type of leads we recommend you
and keep a close eye on your purchases and credit activity.

We are here to help.
Resolution center is the place where you take comfort in finding answers to your questions
and solutions to any situation.
Open a ticket to describe a situation that needs resolution and we will do our best
to provide you full support.

We are here to help you spend less time prospecting and more time closing sales. It is really easy and only takes a minute to create
your account and start searching for new business opportunities.

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