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Q & A

What kind of leads do you generate?  

We generate B2B & B2C leads for different industries or specific verticals In Europe, US as well as Australia and New Zeeland. We will be moving into many new verticals and USA market from 2018.

How much do leads cost?  

Pricing varies by vertical and lead type. To learn more about lead prices, click “Dive In” at the top of the page and select the panel of leads you are interested in. Prices are visible for each lead.

How do you generate leads?  

All of our leads are generated by experienced teams of advertising professionals, affiliate networks and dedicated landing pages. We have a very high level of control over the sources and quality of our leads.

What’s the closing ratio?  

The closing ration depends on the type of leads - shared or exclusive - and the skills of your sales team.

What are my options for having leads delivered to me? Can you send leads to my CRM?  

Leads can be delivered via email, through dedicated interfaces or CRM integration. We can integrate leads with CRM or existing selling systems via API. Integration usually takes less than a day and is billed separately. Please ask the support department for more details by using the contact form.

How much volume do you have? How many leads can you get me per day?  

We generate thousands of leads per month. Lead distributions per day varies from day to day. We are happy to work with you and scale volume in specific geographies or industries, when needed with pre-ordered volumes or specific campaigns.

  Can I return leads?

Yes, leads that contain incorrect or fake information can be returned right from your account. Returns are reviewed and credited by our commercial support 7 days after a positive resolution.

  How do I start buying leads?

Join BiSens Market and follow the easy dashboard. Add money to your account and choose your preferred leads from the market. Once you paid you can see the full information of the lead and download it in your preferred program.

  Is there a subscription fee?

No. You are not charged for creating or using your account. You only pay for the leads you choose to buy.

  What is the minimum funding to get started?

You can fund your account with as little as 50 euros. We accept PayPal or Bank transfer.

  How do I view my transaction history and other billing information?

Click “My Buyer Activity” in dashboard to view your transaction history, leads activity and set up auto-funding.

  Is BiSens Market secure?

Yes, we keep all your information safe. We implement and apply the most advanced technologies to make sure your data is kept safe and secure. Additionally, when you use PayPal or other online payment methods to buy leads or purchase credit, sensitive financial information like your credit card or bank account number is not retained on our servers.

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